Welcome to Encore Memory Care Day Center!

Encore is an Innovative Day Care for Adults living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It is a safe and loving environment where Mom and Dad will enjoy a full day of fun activities that are both physically and mentally stimulating. We help you have the freedom you need to work or take the day off.

Call now (972) 428-5400 to schedule a  tour of our beautiful home-like center in Plano.

If you have an elderly loved one living with you, Encore is the perfect place hands down. My Dad came to live with me from out of state at age 89. I introduced him to Encore and he found a loving, nurturing place to have fun and meet people. He doesn't even talk about his old friends or miss his home but comes back excited about what he did each day and how cared for he felt by the staff. He started out going every so often but wants to go every day. The service this center provides is a true mission to the aging community.

Lucille Del Vecchio   

My husband was diagnosed with dementia even though he is relatively young. I still work full time and struggle taking care of him and focusing on work while he is home alone all day. I found Encore on the internet and went for a appointment to see what they could offer. Laura was so kind and spoke to my husband as if they had known each other for years. She showed us the facility and we met everyone there. It made him so comfortable that he was excited about visiting the next available day. When I took him they remembered his name and mine! That is excellent customer service that I wasn't expecting. It is so much like home! I was apprehensive all day, but when I picked him up he was laughing and enjoying his new friends. I figured he would be tired, and he was, but wanted to go back the next day. That is a testament to their caring staff and the respect they have for their clients. I love this place and am so happy we found them.

Wendy Wilson